The OreFox exploration process involves meeting with the key stakeholders to learn about the project, ensure we are addressing their questions and concerns, and confirm they understand the services available

Prospector AI

Once the project is defined, OreFox will review all available literature, open file reports and data on the area.
Prospector AI
Our Prospector AI is uploaded with data about the exploration area. The Prospector AI uses over 100 layers of data, but no previous exploration data, which could introduce a bias. The system permits an exploration company to compare the area they want to explore with the data of thousands of known economic mineral deposits, allowing hundreds of square kilometres to be analysed quickly, thus decreasing risk in exploration and enhancing the efficiency of their exploration programs. In short, it gives experts more time in the field, exploring in the right areas.
Results from the Prospector AI system are mapped, using ArcGIS, and the results are discussed with the key project personnel.

Hunter AI

Hunter AI
The Hunter AI system is loaded with the results from Prospector AI, and optimal sample points are generated for data collection, this could be pXRF, rock chips or soils/seds etc.
Results are loaded into the system as they come to hand, allowing the AI to learn more about the area being explored, and allowing it to refine the target selections.

Data Mine AI

Data Mine AI
Previous exploration data is added to the system, and data analytics begin.
The data mining process allows the algorithm , to develop new hypotheses from the interpretation of vast quantities of data.
Data insights are sent to the customer as they are found
Target AI
The Target AI is primarily provides insights for drilling, by using data from the data from the Data Mining system. Drill hole assay data is analysed to check for correlations in logging and assays, and to check for deviations in expected grades. OreFox can take your drill & assay data, and create a digital twin orebody, allowing you new insights into the projects mineralization. We use our Target & Data Mining AI’s an specifically train them to your orebody. Your data is constantly analysed by the OreFox systems, to find new insights.
The picture to the right was the inspiration for the Target AI, the exploration report stated “the target was considered to have low potential”
Drilling found 7.5m @2.9g/t (including 1m @ 12.6g/t)
Mining found 3,500 ounces of gold in 7 tonnes of quartz (1.5% Au)
  • R&D Tax Incentive for exploration
  • Ask us about the eligibility of your exploration project to receive the R&D Tax incentive if you partner with OreFox. The R&D Tax Incentive provides a tax offset for some of a company's cost of doing eligible research and development (R&D) activities by reducing a company's income tax liability.
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