To lower the discovery process risk,
OreFox uses advanced geo-analytics for mining & exploration, with machine learning and deep learning systems to find hidden insights in geological data, to increase efficiency and success at finding & mining mineral deposits.
We are driven by discovery, and are passionate about transforming data into usable information and actionable insights. Our mission is to help our clients leverage their existing data assets to become more successful at what they do.
Our team has the skills and experience to deliver projects irrespective of an companies size or technology mix.
  • Exploration Services
  • For mineral exploration, OreFox can generate exploration targets quickly for any area in Australia, using The OreFox Prospector AI system, which scans 1600 square kilometres in the target exploration area and identifies targets that are similar to known economic mineral deposits.
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  • R&D Tax Incentive
  • Ask us about the eligibility of your project to receive the R&D Tax incentive if you partner with OreFox. The R&D Tax Incentive provides a tax offset for some of a company's cost of doing eligible research and development (R&D) activities by reducing a company's income tax liability.
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“Big data” is the latest buzzword to describe the massive amounts of data available in mining & exploration.
OreFox has found though, sometimes it the small data that holds the secrets to a large deposit.
OreFox is in the business of converting big or small data into actionable insights.
Everything we do begins with deep understanding of our clients’ mining or exploration campaign, and what they are trying to achieve. By close corroboration with key stakeholders and in-house technical teams, the OreFox team combine technical expertise with an ability to ask all the right questions. The result is solutions that best capitalise on existing data assets.
Our small, dedicated teams build roadmaps for implementation and support. We can plan, design, implement and support initiatives end-to-end. We also remain invested in the partnerships we create, providing ongoing management, training and support to ensure the continued operation and enhancement of your projects.