The OreFox mining process involves meeting with the key stakeholders to learn about the project, ensure we are addressing their questions and concerns, and confirm they understand the services available
OreFox aims to make mining more efficient, especially in narrow, high-grade orebodies.
By using a more powerful way of predicting mineralisation, drilling can be better targeted, and block models more accurate. Every time we model ore, we use biased data, such as sampling, geology and structural data, which is all subjective data. We also assume samples and assays are homogeneous. This leads to over- or underestimation of Orebodies, meaning we have an error-induced loss and we get sub-optimal mine performance and mine economics. Our mission to put our clients at the centre of geological data science innovation allows faster AND economical mining.
OreFox can take your drill & mining data, and create a digital twin orebody, allowing you new insights into the projects mineralisation.
Our solution is the OreFox “Rapid Precision Ore Definition System” which is a Hybrid machine learning system, that is data-driven, so it uses the best data available and Learns about each deposit. It's not reinventing deposit modelling software, just the data that we input Once the system has learnt about a deposit, it can predict the best places to put drill holes and then once drilled, and it can also highlight areas that may be questionable. This allows the geoscientist to revisit that drill hole, and find the reason for the deviation in expected grade. This can lessen the “nugget effect’ or a near-miss in drilling.
We are currently trialling the “Rapid Precision Ore Definition System” in the Mt Chalmers opencut copper mine, and the Gympie underground gold mine.
We are also in talks with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation for trailing this system at the Escondida Copper mine. We are working on combining the Rapid Precision Ore Definition System with Hyperspectral imaging, for ore definition in front of the digging machine. This could allow an operator to blend low and high grades, or reject waste as it is removed. We use our Target & Data Mining AI’s and specifically train them to your orebody. Your mine data is analysed continuously by the OreFox systems, to find new insights.
Nobody wants to miss ore, especially ore like is pictured!
Drilling found 7.5m @2.9g/t (including 1m @ 12.6g/t)
Mining found 3,500 ounces of gold in 7 tonnes of quartz (1.5% Au)
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