Are you getting the most from your geological data?
OreFox uses machine learning to save you time and leverage your data better, allowing you to make more discoveries faster.
Our mission is to put our clients at the centre of geological data science innovation, allowing you to make significant mineral deposit discoveries faster and mine more efficiently, using a science-based, data driven machine & deep learning approach.
OreFox makes analytics accessible to anyone seeking insights from data – regardless of skill or experience – you send us your data, we analyse it, find insights and send it back to you.
  • Mineral Exploration
  • The OreFox Prospector System is a data-driven, deterministic system, inspired by greenfields exploration work, in areas of low data density, using a supervised deep-learning algorithm that compares the data of Australian economic gold & copper deposits against the data of areas to be explored. The system looks for correlations in data, previously hidden patterns, clusters and relationships across massive datasets. The system can find up to 16 million unique signatures for each deposit and can search 1600 square kilometres at a time. We also offer a secure off site back up plus and security features to help guard against potential areas of vulnerability. Researching new data science methods for exploration & mining is our lifeblood. We stay at the forefront of new research, so you don't have to.
  • Exploration Services

Are you ready to get the most from your geological data?

  • Step One
  • We discuss with you and unpack the problem or opportunity and present you with a clear initial pathway. The pathway indicates how we can reach the project vision in a broad sense.
  • Step Two
  • All projects are different, so we develop the algorithms just to suit your project and as you explore and add more data your model continuously improves, becoming more and more powerful.
  • Step Three
  • By using all of you geological data, we are allowing you to make significant mineral deposit discoveries faster and mine more efficiently.
QUT is a major shareholder & supporter of OreFox.
Esri have been a supporter of Orefox, supplying GIS software for advancing research Orefox is undertaking.
Unearthed are supporting OreFox through the Unearthed Solutions Accelerator Program
  • Explore quickly and efficiently
  • Allows geoscientists to decrease the risk in exploration by enhancing the efficiency and the effectiveness of exploration programs. Geoscientists get to spend more time in the field, in the right places.
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  • Save money
  • This system has the potential to disrupt the exploration industry, which is largely dependent upon physical presence in remote places, through a reduction in travel times, increase in value-add services for explorers, and significant potential cost savings in delivering those services.
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  • Faster, smarter data
  • We have a pipeline of new products being developed using AI not just to create data insights, but to automate processes and make exploration geologists time better spent.
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Case Studies

  • Gympie Gold field for Nash Mining
  • Nash Mining is looking to re-open the Gympie gold mine, and wanted the OreFox Prospector AI system to find new areas of gold mineralization the area, and to use the Target AI to define new drill targets in the narrow vein systems.
  • Gympie Case Study
  • Historical Gold mine for GoldStrike Mining
  • GoldStrike Mining has a small high grade historical gold mine under exploration, that has had limited drilling. The OreFox & Target AI we able to find new areas of interest and uncover a previously unknown shear zone hosted gold system.
  • GoldStrike
  • Project Generation
  • Project Generation for Oz Minerals Limited.
  • OreFox was given eight terabytes of exploration data to find an economic mineral deposit in the Olympic dam domain. The objective of this project is to predict any economic mineralisation locations in the Mount Woods project area. OZ Minerals has been exploring for economic deposits in the Mt Woods target tenements for nearly a decade. During this time, they have invested significant resources into the area, but have not found a suitable deposit.
  • Oz Minerals Limited