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About Us

OreFox Ai Limited begins with commercialising pioneering research conducted by Warwick and Sheree Anderson at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Initially branded as Quantum Geology Pty Ltd, the company set its sights on specialising in geoscience data analysis to elevate the efficiency levels in mineral exploration.

Initial Funding and Collaboration with QUT Bluebox: Critical to its formative years was the early funding secured from QUT Bluebox Pty Ltd, the venture arm of the Queensland University of Technology. This partnership provided the financial backing, resources, and research-driven environment pivotal for the initial phase of OreFox Ai’s growth and product development. 

Emergence of Cutting-edge Technologies: With a clear focus on harnessing
the transformative capabilities of emerging technologies, OreFox Ai championed
the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and geospatial
data analysis. The intention was clear: to provide solutions that could redefine
traditional paradigms in the mining industry.

Awards and Recognitions: Testament to its innovative approach, OreFox Ai
received the “Genius Prize” in the Unearthed Solutions “Explorer Challenge,” a
globally acclaimed competition that sought to marry data science with geology
for breakthroughs in mineral exploration.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations: Beyond its research competencies,
OreFox Ai’s journey is also marked by strategic alliances that have amplified its
capabilities and reach. A notable partnership was with Esri, the GIS technology
giant, which supported OreFox Ai’s mission by providing software during its
foundational years. This was complemented by the company’s selection for
the NVIDIA Inception program, designed to help AI startups poised to redefine